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We’re now analysing the data we collected through both F2F and CATI, in order to understand potential mode effects and selection bias.Mobile data projects come with their own particular set of risks and challenges with regards to data privacy and protection.Thank you to everyone who tuned in to our live webinar on Responsible Mobile Data Collection last week!

We’re also sharing at the end of this page additional resources and answers to the questions that we were not able to answer during the webinar due to time constraints.The survey design should strive to minimise bias and ensure that no information other than the information that is really needed is collected.Just as important is the the transmission and storage of data using state-of-the-art security means.This means that the data gathered through m NEKSAP is not only representative (ensuring coverage of non-phone owners), but through re-interviewing the same individuals, it also provides us with a rare panel data set, which is optimum. Afghanistan now uses m VAM to conduct several different types of surveys, from conflict rapid assessments, to market monitoring, to post-distribution monitoring.Most recently, they launched their first round of nutrition data collection for the We’re also expanding in terms of the type of data we use m VAM to collect.

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